• October 25th, 2020

Domestic fight leads to murder, suicide

Nuusita Ashipala

ONGWEDIVA - A 28-year-old woman became the latest victim of gender-based violence after her 48-year-old lover shot her to death over a cell phone brawl.
The suspect also turned the gun on himself. 
The murder-suicide happened at Oneshila in Oshakati on Thursday evening.
According to the police spokesperson in Oshana, Inspector Thomas Aiyambo, prior to the shooting, the woman was allegedly demanding her phone back from the suspect.
“The argument got intense and the boyfriend shot her girlfriend with the pistol on the head and then he turned the pistol on himself,” said Aiyambo.
They were both declared dead on the scene. 
Meanwhile, the police in Oshana are also investigating a case of rape after a 22-year-old woman was raped at Eenhana village. According to Aiyambo, the suspect approached the victim from behind.
“He kicked her off the ground and continued twisting her arm before he had sexual intercourse with her without her consent,” said Aiyambo.
The crime was allegedly committed in the bush in that village. He is known and has not yet been arrested.
The police have also arrested a 43-year-old man who was found in possession of N$16 700 which was allegedly sandy and partly eaten by ants.
He claims the money that was retrieved from his car by the police was left behind during a burglary at his house on 17 August 2020 at Oshakati.
He was allegedly at the police on Wednesday to open a case of housebreaking and theft.
“The suspect was trying to convince the police that the money was left behind when his house was broken into,” said Aiyambo.
He is thus being charged for giving false information under oath.
A case of perjury and contravening the Bank of Namibia Act 15 of 1997 was opened against him.
The police last week also opened three inquests, where the first involves a 56-year-old female who allegedly collapsed and died in her neighbour’s sitting room.
She had allegedly gone to the neighbours to seek for help.
The other two cases are that of a pensioner who hanged himself at Onamhinda village and 36-year-old who also hanged himself at Etambo village. 
– nashipala@nepc.com.na

Nuusita Ashipala
2020-09-28 09:06:46 | 27 days ago

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