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Don Kamati hits the road

2021-04-01  Aletta Shikololo

Don Kamati hits the road
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Live concerts might be one of the last things to return in the wake of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. However, this has not stopped Afro-pop and Dance hall artist, Don Kamati, from hitting the road on his ‘Collaboration Tour’.

Real name, Lazarus Ashipala, Don Kamati announced to VIBEZ! that he is kicking of his first tour tomorrow in Rundu. 

The main aim of the trip is to record collaboration songs with different musicians and producers and other creatives in different towns across the country. “With this tour, I intend to extend my brand and influence to the rest of Namibia. Due to the demand of artists requesting to collaborate with me, we decided to kick off this tour,” he explained, adding that he wishes to join forces with, especially upcoming artists. Asked why he specifically wants to work with emerging artists, the award-winning Afro Dancehall said: “I have had some unpleasant experience working with some established artists; that is why I opted to work with those who are up-and-coming. 

Also, I understand the struggle of being an upcoming or independent artist. That’s why I want to assist these artists to get on their feet”. “You never know that might be your breakthrough,” he added confidently. Don Kamati noted that the ‘Collaboration tour’ is more than just recording with other artists - he will also host live shows, do charity work, and scout for talented musicians.  “It is really is a tenuous time for a lot of artists right now and hosting shows has become the primary source of income for most of us, but we still got to make a living regardless,” he answered when asked how he is going to host concerts despite large gatherings of people reduced. 

The tour is expected to end in September. As a way of giving back to the community, Don Kamati, in partnership with a local manufacturing company ‘Daniel Investments’, will donate toilet paper to low-income households in townships.

“Toilet paper is a necessity to everyone and we believe we have to assist people who cannot afford it,” he ended.

2021-04-01  Aletta Shikololo

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