• August 8th, 2020

Donations pour in for southern farmers who lost small stocks

WINDHOEK - Those wishing to donate to farmers who lost hundreds of small stocks, some their entire herds in freakishly cold weather last week, has till this Friday, November 2 to do so. 

Namboer in Windhoek has made its facilities available for all donations in the form of small stock while a special account has been opened under: Namibia Farmers Donation Fund at Bank Windhoek’s Maerua Mall. The number is 8004586880 and the code is 483-872. Those that donate money must supply their contact details and use the word “livestock” as reference.

Rehoboth, Kalkrand and Rietoog areas were affected. One farmer lost his entire flock of sheep of more than 200 and neighbours and fellow farmers organised a crisis meeting in Windhoek to jumpstart an emergency fund for those affected. Affected farmers have since responded with disbelief as cash and livestock keep coming in to enable them to start their farming activities again. Donations have been received from Grootfontein in the north and even a South African farming group has contributed to the fund. All the animals donated up to now have been accommodated at Namboer pens in Windhoek.

Cash donations of N$10 000 and more have been coming in while many farmers have donated sheep and goats. 
Owner of Namboer Auctioneers and Coetzee Farming, Piet Coetzee who is  spearheading the initiative, is one of the farmers who had to rush to the aid of his animals on his farm near Rehoboth, only to discover that more than 120 sheep and goats were already dead on his arrival on Tuesday evening. Coetzee says it is impossible at this stage to tell how many animals died. “We know of at least one farmer near Rietoog who has lost his entire flock and many other farmers have reported total wipe-outs of their herds. The losses could run into millions and we are now working around the clock to assist and try and rebuild these farmers’ herds. I have personally lost in the region of 200 animals but there are small scale farmers who have lost everything. Without help, they will never get back on their feet again. This is the worst tragedy I have seen in all my years farming in the area, “ he laments.

Other farmers like Alfons Hagen, Opblas Mouton, and Rudy Snipes have been devastated by the event.   “We are still reeling from the shock and are still discovering carcasses. This was of Biblical proportions and we are just now beginning to get a broader picture of the deaths and damage. That will only be possible to calculate once all the farmers have reported their losses. But we are talking of millions of dollars down the drain,” says one of them.

 “We will have the full picture by this Friday about the fund we created to assist those farmers but I am very impressed with the donations so far. Farmers have once again proved that we are all family. They look after each other in times of crises,” he notes.

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