• July 14th, 2020

Donlu streaming site revels over a million streams

WINDHOEK – One of the first Namibian online music streaming platforms, Donlu, has broken new ground as it has breached one million views on its site. 

Donlu was created for the sole purpose of promoting local and authentic music and the ultimate aim of making home-grown music accessible globally. 

Initiated in 2017, the site has more than 150 artistes, 1 114 songs and 50 albums. 

Llewelyn Adams, the founder of the site, says he is hopeful of the initiative and wants the brand to expand. 

“We want to become a global force not only with our site but with the future of our other products and services, which are mostly under development,” he told Entertainment Now! this week. 

As much as there are challenges, Adams says they see no obstacles. “We only see good challenges to grow more aware and knowledgeable,” he insisted. 

Adams started alone at first and got some assistance as the project kicked off. 

“As the company evolved, more key players came on board to take the company further. So, really everything and everyone here, before and after has been necessary in bringing us where we are and also in taking us where we want to go,” acknowledged Adams. 

Donlu is strictly for local songs. “Yes, we only cater to local artistes for now. We wish to tackle the rest of Africa in the near future. Our main concern is having something that works here first because then we know it will work elsewhere,” expounded Adams. Asked on the criteria set for those who want to have their work on Donlu, Adams said they needed to deliver a high-quality product. 

“Think about it in this context, when you hear about an artist uploading their music to iTunes, it gives off the impression of someone who takes their art somewhat seriously. When you enter markets like that, you enter a different ball game – so the exclusivity/uniqueness factor also comes into play,” Adams said. 

For Namibian artistes who wish to get their songs, albums on the site, send an email to info@donluafrica.com with the following:

- Artiste Details
- Song(s) (mp3 format)
- Song/Album Artwork (High Quality)
- Artist Profile Picture (If it’s your first time uploading on the site) (High Quality)
- Bank Account Details (If you wish to sell the song(s)

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