• August 11th, 2020

Dossier preparation for status of cattle tuberculosis

Staff Reporter

WINDHOEK - The Meat Board of Namibia has initiated and financed the preparation of a dossier regarding the Namibian cattle tuberculosis status. 
This document is a compilation of information and data about the prevalence of cattle tuberculosis in Namibia dating back to 1980.
A qualitative risk analysis, conducted on the compiled data, indicated that Namibia holds negligible risk with regard to cattle tuberculosis without the need for individual testing of cattle
prior to export. This risk is in line with the level of protection for the import of cattle as required by South Africa.
The Directorate of Veterinary Services in Namibia is in contact with the Directorate of Animal Health South Africa in this regard. 
Should negotiations for the termination of testing against cattle tuberculosis be successful, it will lead to significant savings and improvement of animal welfare of cattle exported to feedlots. 

Staff Reporter
2019-05-14 09:49:06 | 1 years ago

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