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16 suspects sought after Valentine’s Day jailbreak

2021-02-17  Staff Reporter

16 suspects sought after Valentine’s Day jailbreak
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RUNDU - About 16 trial awaiting inmates escaped from Rundu police holding cells in Kavango East region between Saturday and Sunday as people were celebrating Valentine’s Day. The incident has brought fear amongst the residents of Rundu as the police warned that escapees are dangerous.
“These trial awaiting inmates are deemed dangerous,” said Deputy Commissioner Kauna Shikwambi from the Namibian police public relations office.

The Rundu police charge officers who were sleeping on duty did not see it coming as the offenders made their way out unnoticed like a thief in the night by climbing over the holding cells kitchen fence and gate at an unknown time.

“These trial awaiting inmates are deemed dangerous and have been in custody on various cases ranging from rape, Immigration and Control Act, possession of controlled wildlife product and unpolished diamond,” she noted.

“Some of them are in for assault through threatening (domestic violence), stock theft, attempted rape, assault gbh (domestic violence), culpable homicide, housebreaking with intent to steal as well as theft and fraud,” Shikwambi added. 

The police in Kavango East are now turning every rock to pursue the escapees and bring them back to justice before they cause more trouble in the communities. Once apprehended, they will be charged with escaping from lawful custody, according to the police. 

“Indeed, the Namibian Police Force in Rundu has launched an investigation into the escape of 16 trial awaiting prisoners who escaped from Rundu police station holding cells. It is so far suspected that they escaped between 13 and 14 February,” Shikwambi has confirmed.

In view of the above, the police are pleading with the nation not to house these criminals but to report them at the nearest police station or contact Chief Inspector Ewald Kavara on 081 317 3659. “They are dangerous,” Shikwambi warned.

The police also warned the public not to endanger themselves by staying away from the escapees.

The Namibian Police has authorised the publication of the identity of the escapees for the public to assist through anonymous. 

Some of the escapees include Shikanga Steven Ndara, an adult male who was arrested for rape, Mwahanga Elenga Popyennali and Pangeo Kanyanga Eusebio both Angolans who were arrested for contravening the Immigration Control Act.

Kamudulange Ouma from Angola also contravened the Immigration Control Act, while Shiwambo Joseph was in for possession of controlled wildlife product and unpolished diamond.

Haingura Thimoteus is stock theft and assault through threatening, Muronga Bernhard Herman for stock theft, and Ndumba Petrus for attempted rape. 

Bernhard John has a previous case of assault with grievous bodily harm, Rushako Alexander with a previous case of culpable homicide, Elias Matheus from Angola for contravening the Immigration Control Act and Morosi Singombe for housebreaking.

Frans Chilunda Moses has a previous case of fraud, Haimbili Elias Haimbili for assault gbh and domestic violence, while Sisingi Andreas was initially arrested for assault through threatening and domestic violence. Also on the run is Himarwa Joseph who was in for housebreaking and theft.


2021-02-17  Staff Reporter

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