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DRC murder accused claims self-defence

2021-09-29  Eveline de Klerk

DRC murder accused claims self-defence
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A Swakopmund man, who is accused of attacking his former girlfriend and killing her new boyfriend, on Monday claimed it was not his intention to murder the victim but to defend himself. Immanuel Beukes (26) is accused of murdering Kamati Sylvanus Kamati (26), while he also attacked his former girlfriend McLean Gawanas at the DRC settlement in an apparent fit of jealousy. 

He faces murder, attempted murder a well as housebreaking with the intent to murder charges for the gruesome knife attack on Gawanas and Kamati. Beukes was arrested on Saturday after he allegedly broke into Gawanas’ home at DRC, stabbed her 10 times before turning to her boyfriend with the same knife. 

Gawanas is currently being treated at the Swakopmund state hospital for her injuries. Narrating the fatal incident, Beukes said he went to Gawanas’ shack as they were still apparently dating. 

“Yes, I was staying with my girlfriend and went back to the shack. I knocked for 20 minutes but she did not answer. I waited for a while and entered through the hole. Yes, I broke into her ghetto,” Beukes, who pleaded guilty, told the court.

“It was clear that the door was locked from the inside, so I pushed the box covering the hole and entered the shack and found her in bed with the other guy. The guy jumped up and tried to stab me with a knife but I ducked and grabbed his arm,” Beukes said. According to Beukes, he grabbed the knife from the victim and then stabbed him with it. He confessed to stabbing Gawanas who tried to break up the attack.

“My intention was not to kill but to go sleep with my girlfriend. I stay there that is why I went there. I didn’t intend to kill,” he said. Although he pleaded guilty to the charges, magistrate Conchita Olivier told the court that the guilty plea cannot be accepted. “It cannot be accepted as you did not admit any intention to kill or stab the victims,” Oliver said. 

The State, however, objected to this argument, saying Beukes intentionally went to the shack to commit murder because he was not in a relationship with Gawanas at the time. The State also indicated it will oppose bail, as Beukes is a repeat offender, who was earlier convicted of assault with bodily harm after attacking another former girlfriend. His case has been postponed to 10 November. 

2021-09-29  Eveline de Klerk

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