• July 18th, 2019
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Drought food stolen from Kamanjab warehouse

Clemans Miyanicwe Kamanjab-Since the beginning of this year, 93 boxes of tinned fish were allegedly stolen from the Kamanjab drought relief food warehouse, last month 17 bags of rice each weighing 10 kg were also stolen. A person close to the Kamanjab constituency office who spoke on condition of anonymity on Friday told New Era the first break-in in which almost 100 boxes of tinned fish were stolen occurred when some unknown people entered the warehouse through its backdoor in the middle of January. “The first break-in was done from the backdoor and 93 boxes of tinned fish were taken. After that we welded the middle door to prevent further break-ins,” said an inside source. Last month burglars struck again and stole 17 bags of rice after they broke the right side windows. The source said that after the middle door was welded, getting access into the warehouse was difficult and this is the reason the unknown burglars entered the warehouse through the window. “There were footprints of youngsters in first break-in,” said the source that requested anonymity. Some teenagers were found with some of the fish and the case was also reported to the police. Danny Tjiveze, one of the distribution team members for drought relief food said he could not speak to the media on the two break-ins. Kamanjab police station commander, Raymond de Klerk, confirmed drought relief food was stolen and CR01/02/2018 was opened and police investigations are currently underway. De Klerk said investigators suspect it is an inside job. “I don’t want to say so, but it seems like it was an inside job.” De Klerk said. Drought relief food has been the main source of food for some of the beneficiaries at the informal settlements of One Kap and Bou, residents informed a New Era correspondent.
New Era Reporter
2018-03-13 09:24:25 1 years ago

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