• August 23rd, 2019
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Drug dealing suspects to plead

WINDHOEK – A group that was arrested with various illegal drugs worth more than N$200 000 in July will tender their preliminary plea next month.

The accused, Namibian Buruxa Buru Bukus, 30, British national Lee Douglas Surtees Jenkins, 19, South African Wesley Welgemoed, 19, and German citizen Verena Salzmann, 30, were informed that investigations into their case have been finalised. 

The group made an appearance from custody in the Windhoek Magistrate’s Court last week before Magistrate Justine Asino.  

During court proceedings, the prosecutor Bernadine Bertolini informed the court that the outstating lab results are now available and given the nature of the charges and value of the drugs, the case needs to be forwarded to the prosecutor general for a decision.

The prosecution is charging Bukus and his co-accused with six counts, including assault of a police officer, pointing of firearm, attempting to escape from lawful custody and charges in terms of the Medicines and Pharmacy Act.
Bukus and his co-accused were arrested on July 20 when the police raided a house in Windhoek’s posh suburb of Kleine Kuppe during a police sting operation.

According to the police reports at the time, various types of drugs were found and confiscated during the raid. 
The confiscated items included steroids and needles, cocaine, Cat, skunk, MDMA, LSD, Ecstasy, Schedule 5 medicines and magic mushrooms.  The drugs are estimated to be worth more than N$200 000. 

In addition to the drugs that were found in the house, the police also found firearms and ammunition. 
Bukus and his co-accused have been in custody since their arrest after the court refused to release them on bail. 
The state strongly opposed the idea of having the group released on bail, stating that the accused are a flight risk and may abscond and not stand trial.

The court postponed the matter for the preliminary plea to December 13. Bukus and his co-accused were remanded in custody.

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2018-11-26 09:17:28 8 months ago

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