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Drugs worth N$1.9 million seized in October alone

2018-11-06  Selma Ikela

Drugs worth N$1.9 million seized in October alone

WINDHOEK – Drug dealing in Namibia is increasing worryingly, with police confiscating a staggering N$1.9 million worth of drugs last month alone, and arresting 115 Namibians and several foreigners.

Previously, this would have been the figure of drugs confiscated in six months, Nampol spokesperson Deputy Commissioner Edwin Kanguatjivi told New Era yesterday. 

In a statement issued by Kanguatjivi late yesterday, of the 126 arrested dealers found in possession of drugs, 115 were 

Police also arrested eight Angolan drug dealers, one Burundian, one Tanzanian and one Zambian nationals, said Kanguatjivi who added the drugs were seized in different parts of the country.

 According to the figures, police seized 39 kg of cannabis worth N$1.950 000 million. Police also confiscated 141 mandrax tablets worth N$16 920 and 18.8 grams of cocaine worth N$9 400.

“So, there is definitely an increase in (drug use).  We are becoming consumers as indicated by the figures that in one month, that amount of drugs has been confiscated. Imagine the ones we didn’t get,” remarked Kanguatjivi.
Kanguatjivi explained they sent out a media statement to sensitize the public that there is danger and secondly because of the high amount involved. 

“There is danger quickly approaching here. The first victims will be our kids- if they are destroyed, then there will be no future. We adults are closer to the grave,” he said.

2018-11-06  Selma Ikela

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