• July 21st, 2019
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Easter fun for kids


Painted eggs Easter is the time of year to turn simple boiled eggs into something special for kids. After boiling the number of eggs that you want, allow them to cool off. Use a paint set that is designed for kids, it should have multiple colours to select from and simple paint brushes. Cover the floor with some old fabrics or magazine pages to avoid any damage to your carpet or tiles. To make this activity easier for your kids, print out some images of painted eggs from the internet to give them a guide or paint along with them to offer assistance. Paper basket For this creative craft, you’ll need some colour paper, a ruler, pencil, scissors and glue. Draw straight lines of about 3cm width apart on colour paper and cut out the strips. Now give the cut-out strips to your kids and show them how to assemble them into a basket. First, lay about five strips vertically side by side and then intertwine five other strips horizontally over and under. Leave about 8cm of all four outer edges untwined, until you have a criss-cross square shaped base. Now fold up the sides and use more paper strips to intertwine up and around the sides, applying glue to hold the basket in shape. Lastly, take a single paper strip and glue it from one side of the top to the other to create a handle. Fill up the basket with painted eggs or candy. Treasure hunt This is a fun game to play when you have a couple of kids or some family members with kids over at your place for the Easter break. Buy a bunch of chocolate marshmallow eggs and sticky note papers. Write down simple clues to various hidden places around your home or backyard. Place the chocolate treats in the hiding spots with sticky notes attached leading to the next hiding spot. Encourage the kids to work together and to share their findings when the game is over. You can also use the same treasure hunt game with other Easter treats of your choice, or you can have a grand prize at the end of the treasure hunt. www.beautyndapanda.com
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