• August 15th, 2020

Editorial - Racism sadly abounds in our midst

It is very sad, nauseating and abhorrent that a little-known teacher by the name Corien Steenkamp has the guts to insult fellow black Namibians on social media wherever this spoilt brat is. For too long white racists in Namibia, Africa in general and in America and Europe have been at it advancing the idiotic narrative claiming blacks are inferior and are a lesser race. Her racist rants on social media are indicative Corien Steenkamp and her lot are ignorant and have a lack of knowledge and information, despite her being employed as a so-called ‘teacher.’ 
This is sheer idiocy, hogwash, obnoxious and repulsive because among blacks, similarly as among whites, you will find those of a higher intellect, geniuses in academia, geniuses in ingenuity, geniuses in innovation and geniuses in inventiveness. On the other side of the proverbial coin you will find among blacks, just as you find among whites, individuals that are dullards and minions with lesser intellect. Painting an entire race with one brush is wrong and grossly misplaced. 

First of all we should school this so-called ‘teacher’ on the fact that in a bygone era blacks on the African continent, many hundreds of years before whites came to the great African shores, had excelled in architecture, engineering, medicine and physics. It is a fact the first university in the world was founded at Timbuktu in Mali in Africa and not in Europe or America or Asia. Some of the architectural structures found in Africa went beyond the comprehension of feeble minds like the one of one Corien Steenkamp. These marvels of architecture found in Africa and not from the continent of the great, great forebears of Corien Steenkamp, speak volumes of mathematical precision, pure work of African genius and sophistication. 

African scholars of a bygone era originated some of the most profound mathematical formulas and it will be a miscarriage not to include their contributions to this respected field of academia. As a matter of fact, the oldest mathematical artefact, the Lebombo bone, was found in Swaziland.

If Corien Steenkamp did not know – over a period of 35 000 years Egyptians in Africa took the task of scripting mathematics textbooks, impregnated with information on division and multiplication of fractions and geometric formulas to calculate the area and volume of various shapes. And for her own information credit is being afforded to Africa – that, she and her lot detest – in that African scholars of African extract and black bloodline developed a systematic culture of medicine that created an orderly and scientific way to administer treatments and surgeries.  
In actual fact long before the en masse arrival of Europeans in Africa the first recorded case in medical journals is the caesarean procedure in modern history that was recorded in Uganda in 1884, long before it became popular in Europe and for the rest of the world to imitate and take cue from. The concept of dates originated in Africa where ancient Africans mastered the science of astronomy at its advanced stages for the first time and as such they learned how to measure the movements of the earth, sun, moon and stars but we doubt this so-called ‘teacher’ knows about this fact. 

Staff Reporter
2020-06-12 10:28:48 | 2 months ago

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