• July 5th, 2020

Eenhana Expo gets N$80 000 boost from FNB

WINDHOEK – FNB sponsored N$80 000 towards the 12th Eenhana Expo, which will take place from July 29 to August 3. “Partnerships such as these are vital to establishing FNB as the most comprehensive end-to-end financial solutions provider in Namibia. We are confident that this expo will be a great platform for trade, investment and business expansion within the highly developed industrial and economic eco-system of green side (Eenhana) and beyond,” said Ndahambelela Ndoroma, FNB Far North Area Manager.

The Eenhana Expo is a strategic exhibition platform that gives local and international businesses the opportunity to promote and sell their products and services. This year the expo is themed ‘Developing synergies for a stronger local economy’, and aims to encourage businesses to reinvest themselves, develop synergies and network in order to adapt and weather the economic hardships while building and strengthening the local economy. 


Staff Reporter
2019-06-19 09:56:48 | 1 years ago

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