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EES to give away half-a-million dollars

2021-07-23  Strauss Lunyangwe

EES to give away half-a-million dollars

The incomparable EES keeps on pushing the barriers when it comes to his brand and music on all fronts.

EES, real name Eric Sell, has just released his fourth single titled ‘Best Combination’, accompanied by an animated video, off his upcoming album called ‘Game Changer’. 

One lucky viewer will walk away with a whopping N$ 500 000 if they find the hidden codes in the video.

“The music video contains hidden codes that the fans can search for and then decode. And whoever cracks all the codes the fastest, has the password to a bitcoin wallet. The total amount of 1 Bitcoin, which is about N$ 500 000, is the big number to remember, and which will motivate the viewers to search for the 12 passcode words,” he explained to VIBEZ!

The winner can easily convert the bitcoin money into real money with any bitcoin exchanger, either in Namibia or abroad, who will transfer the money into the winner’s bank account.

“I was actually approached by an anonymous donor who was following my career for quite some time, and wanted to help me get more exposure for my hard work and authenticity.

This anonymous person came up with the whole treasure hunt, set up everything, and hid the codes in the new video.”

The German Namibian kwaito artist and rapper said he wanted to drop the album in April last year, but coronavirus derailed his plans.

 He then had extra time to make the songs even better and work on the whole promotion plan a little more.

“The album is called ‘Game Changer’, and that is what it is - the moves that are being done on this album will change the game. Also, I really think the ‘game’ (music industry and creativity) need a game changer. 

“I feel so many artists are just doing the type of music that has the potential to sell or trend more – this is hurting the whole human creative process, in my opinion. I am just tired of being bored by so much of the new music and music videos that are being released; it’s lacking so much authenticity and originality.”

The ‘International’ hitmaker said over the years, he has experienced too much disappointment when it comes to awards or recognition. 

EES told this reporter that at the moment, he really doesn’t expect anything in that direction because he has stopped focusing on material recognitions of awards and big album sales numbers or YouTube views.

“That just doesn’t really matter; what matters is you do the music you love and which fulfils you, and inspire your listeners in a positive way. So, I am not expecting anything – just want to know that I give it 100%, and what comes, comes. It is anyway not in my power, and that’s great,” he ended.



2021-07-23  Strauss Lunyangwe

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