• September 28th, 2020

Ehi Rovipuka ploughs back to community

Selma Gumbo

OTJOKAVARE - Otjokavare community members in Sesfontein constituency recently received 353 lucerne bales worth N$70 000 from Ehi Rovipuka Conservancy. 

The conservancy responded to the plight of the community members following a request by the environment ministry to help assist local communities currently affected by severe drought. 

The chairperson of Ehi Rovipuka Conservancy, Siegffried Meundju Muzuma, said they found it necessary to provide support to the community considering the prevailing drought. 

The donation benefited 488 households in Otjokavare and surrounding areas. “This is the little that we can offer for now from what we get from trophy hunting and I hope Hobatere Roadside Lodge in our vicinity will add more to our income,” Muzuma added.

Staff Reporter
2019-11-08 07:16:32 | 10 months ago

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