• April 19th, 2019
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Ekandjo gives Lüderitz elders early Christmas


Tuulikki Abraham Lüderitz-The philanthropic spirit of giving back to the community prevailed last Saturday when well-known corporate personality, Tim Ekandjo, and his wife, Ingah Ekandjo, hosted an early Christmas party for over 500 senior citizens at his hometown in Lüderitz. Ekandjo hosted senior citizens at the new Lutheran church building, where elders were treated to a delicious three-course meal much to their contentment. All the elders also received a take-away gift consisting of rice, chicken and soup. Lüderitz Old Age Home elders also received take-away gifts. Ekandjo said the event was to celebrate Christmas with the Lüderitz senior citizens. He was delighted to see the elderly come out in numbers to enjoy the day. Mayor of Lüderitz, Hilaria Mukapuli, attended the event and applauded the Ekandjo family for making such a memorable and historical event for the elderly people in Lüderitz. Mukapuli commended the Ekandjos for ploughing back into the community of Lüderitz where he was born and raised.   “Many times, we have youngsters who forget where they come from, especially when they climb the highest ladder. However, I am personally thanking Tim and his wife for deciding to come and spend their time with the elderly of Lüderitz. I have received information that 500 elderly were registered and looking at the preparation of the different types of food given to the elderly, the total amount spent is estimated to be more than N$125 000, which is extraordinary for someone to take so much money from his own pocket and share it with his community,” stated Mukapuli. She also urged other successful youngsters to emulate the good example. Politicians and various religious leaders also attended the event and so did Ekandjo’s kindergarten teacher, Ousie Frieda Shikongo, as well as Fransisca Sibeni, who taught him English at Diaz Primary School. “This was such a beautiful event and we want to thank the Almighty God for blessing this child with such a good heart for spoiling us like this, and for making us feel so special,” said Sibeni. Yesterday, Ekandjo, on behalf of his family, donated N$15 000 to the Lüderitz Lutheran Church towards the completion of the new building. Two months ago, Ekandjo also spoilt the senior citizens of Okombahe with a similar party. The organiser Agu Maletzky confirmed that Ekandjo spent over N$125 000 on the Lüderitz event, “his instruction to me was to go all-out to ensure the senior citizens have a time of their life”, stated Maletzky. Captions (Ekandjo): Sparing no expenses … Tim Ekandjo and Lüderitz Mayor, Hilaria Mukapuli, serving the elderly at Lutheran Church in Lüderitz where he spent N$125 000 for their Christmas party.
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2017-12-18 09:18:45 1 years ago

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