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Ekandjo releases empowerment guide

2021-08-06  Aletta Shikololo

Ekandjo releases empowerment guide

Local author Naftal Ekandjo has recently released a new motivational and self-empowerment book, created for readers of all ages.

Ekandjo this week joined VIBEZ! to talk about his second book, titled ‘It’s not a problem, it’s a pregnancy’ in which he shares personal reflections and a faith-based approach to overcome life’s challenges.

Throughout the book, there is an inspiring tone that intends on empowering people to embrace self-love, self-acceptance and discover their unique, individual purpose.

“Through the book, I aim to encourage people who are going through some difficult situations that they perceive as a permanent tattoo or end of life… because some situations we go through are signs of an invisible pregnancy that will birth something precious in the future,” said Ekandjo, who aspires to speak truth and abundance into people’s lives.

Born in the Amilema village in the Oshikoto region, Ekandjo said his journey to being spiritually conscious was an uphill climb – but through God’s manifestation in his life, he was uplifted hence his aspiration to bring change into people’s lives.

Ekandjo started his writing journey in 2009, and published his first book, ‘How I am lying to myself’, in 2019.

“Ultimately, that was what sparked inspiration in me and a revelation to write books like these. I couldn’t afford to keep it to myself, for it was meant for God’s people,” he said.

Asked what inspired the title of the book, Ekandjo said it was mostly motivated by what his family went through in 2014. 

“It’s something you will find out in the book,” he noted. 

The author expressed confidence that his book will revolutionise how people think when they are going through difficult situations, and teach them to view their challenges as opportunities as opposed to problems.

Endowed with prophetic insight and grace, Ekandjo bemoaned the fact that people theoretically train for healing and manifestation, but lack the practical know-how to tackle daily challenges, saying ‘It’s not a problem, it’s pregnancy’ seeks to bridge that gap.

The fast-emerging author is currently working on two books, set for launch next year.

“One will be dedicated to our schools; just a reach-out to our children at school, while the other is a motivational book that will never leave you the same. Watch this space next year; there is something interesting coming out by God’s grace,” he said.

Ekandjo’s books can be found in local bookshops across the country or he can be contacted on 081 850 0600 for a copy.


2021-08-06  Aletta Shikololo

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