• July 16th, 2019
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Elephants damage water tank


John Muyamba Kamupupu-Kamupupu villagers 15 km south of Tondoro village are struggling to get water after elephants destroyed water reservoirs on Saturday. As a result, they cannot pump water for themselves and their livestock as the tank was pushed down from its stand and the water pipes destroyed. When New Era visited the village on Wednesday villagers said the junior primary school now has no water and villagers have to fetch water from another village 15 km away. Joseph Sivaku, the councillor for Tondoro Constituency, said it seems the elephants that used to terrorise Musese green scheme project have migrated to Kamupupu and nearby valleys, in the forests of Tondoro in the vicinity of Kamupupu. “They move in herds of hundreds. This year is the second destruction of a borehole – earlier this year they also destroyed the borehole at Mutjokotjo village about 14 km away from Kamupupu village where we are now,” Sivaku said. “The elephants damaged the water tanks and pipes on Saturday night, destroyed the tap where the community fetches/sources water from and then on Monday pushed over the 10,000-litre tank. The community is now left with no choice but to walk 15 km to the next village to fetch water and the river is far, also 15 km away at Tondoro village. As you can see livestock around the borehole are waiting for water but unfortunately the community can’t pump water because of this destruction.” Sivaku wants the environment ministry to have a contingency fund in place to use for bringing water to the community from elsewhere or to fix the damage and restore water supply with speed as now the school has no water, the community has no water and also the livestock since Saturday night. Thee borehole was serving 1,500 people and their livestock. “This is the problem we have and we are urging relevant authorities to take action,” he told New Era. The borehole was constructed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry. “For them is to drill and install the water infrastructure and now that it was destroyed it should be fixed by the ministry of environment because these elephants are their responsibility. I understand they visited the scene and made some assessments. What we need now is for them to get water for the community while they look into repairing the facility – they must take charge,” he said.
New Era Reporter
2017-11-17 09:28:13 1 years ago

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