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Elia da Vincii resurrects 2020 album

2021-09-24  Staff Reporter

Elia da Vincii resurrects 2020 album
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  Emilie Shimbali


It is Da Vincii on the Afro-pop ladder. Rundu based rapper Elia Zombo, better known as Elia da Vincii, continues to mark his 2020 album existence by hitting fans with a serious set of hot visuals.

Vincii will release his third album visuals for the song ‘Cartel’ on 30 Septembe on YouTube, following the release, a few months ago, of the first two trailers for the songs ‘Malangan goddess’ and ‘River of diamond’ from last year’s album titled, I am who I am.

 “Cartel is the last song on my album, a song for the streets and the hood; I grew up in the hood, and it is only fair that we give people a visual representation of where I come from,” he explained.

He stated that fans should expect more than just a heat wave in this upcoming video.

On YouTube, the ‘I am who I am’ 2020 album recent visuals received a lot of praise for eye-catching features and diverse sound.

“The universe spoke to me, and it became clear what I needed to do with the album. Working on anything related to my album is a rewarding experience. Doing what you were put on this planet to do brings peace to the mind, soul, and spirit. I learned a lot about myself as an artist, both creatively and personally.”

“Don’t deal with the world, the world got to deal with you,” Vincii stated.

Some of the songs to look out for in the album are such as: ‘God is not asleep’, ‘Tuze’ and ‘The Weekend’.

In the meantime, Vincii is also concerned about men’s health in addition to music. On his latest project, he will be part of a health campaign in Rundu to educate men about their health issues. Throughout the campaign, he is going to provide engrossing entertainment.

2021-09-24  Staff Reporter

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