• June 17th, 2019
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Elyambala residents fume at sewerage disposal

ONGWEDIVA - At a time when the country is battling Hepatitis E, residents at Elyambala in Ongwediva are fuming at the discharge of sewerage in their community.

The discharge is not only an eye-soar to the community, but it also creates an unbearable stench making the residents prisoners in their own homes.

The frustration comes after a sceptic truck was spotted disposing off waste in the area yesterday morning. “We cannot sit idle and watch how people deliberately spread diseases in our community. Apart from the stench, we have children who play outside, how do we ensure that our children play in a hygienic environment?” questioned a resident. Although those in the septic industry are obliged to dispose of the sewerage they tap from the homes in the informal settlements at the municipal sewerage ponds, some do not conform to the set regulations in place.

Public Relations Officer at Ongwediva Jackson Muma said those found wanting are legible to a fine of N$2000 or six months imprisonment henceforth discourage septic businesses to refrain from polluting the environment.

Muma said the council has previously fined business owners for polluting the environment and exposing the general public to diseases. “According to the General Public Health Regulation disposing of sewerage in areas other than the municipal sewerage ponds is an offence, hence we urge our residents to report such illegal activities to the council promptly,” Muma said.

Whilst creating employment is a need at the town, Muma urged those in the septic industry to make business fairly without compromising the resident’s health.

“We are already faced with health issues, we cannot deliberately add on to that. We need to avoid exposing ourselves to diseases at all cost. We are not saying that our business people should not make money, but they should equally not make money at the expense of the community’s health,” Muma said further.

Nuusita Ashipala
2018-12-13 09:24:57 6 months ago

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