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Emotional intelligence key in theatre

2021-09-27  Paheja Siririka

Emotional intelligence key in theatre
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Comprehending all facets of theatre production and organisational support is important in ensuring the process of stage management runs smoothly and efficiently.

Stage manager, film-maker, producer and performer Fellemon Ndongo said above those abilities to understand the aspects of theatre, it is vital to connect with people because emotional and social intelligence is crucial.

“I can connect and deal with people. I am a people’s person – and even on sets as a first assistant director, it is all about managing myself, people and time,” he said.

Ndongo shared this with Lavinia Kapewasha, the production coordinator at the National Theatre of Namibia, as one of the contributors to the Theatre Practices and Business in Namibia Reader 2021, courtesy of NTN, focusing on developing a career in stage management for the events industry.

The online reader is a collection of viewpoints by 18 Namibian theatre and creative practitioners, proposing how emerging theatre artists could navigate theatre practices sustainably in the country.

He said in his line of work, calmness and interpersonal skills are important to possess. 

“You need to be able to understand people so they can do what you want them to do for you. So, having them understand early on was a strength,” said the talented performer.

Ndongo said stage management is a practice that is found in live events, be it corporate, government and entertainment, as well as in theatre. 

“For the Namibian space, a stage manager needs to have the skills to work with different clients and environments, while meeting a wide range of demands, which are sometimes ad hoc, putting you on the spot to make quick decisions.” Ndongo said show callers or technical directors can bring value to the development of live events, and clients invest a lot of money for a great show.

“That is why a show caller is there to assist the client and technician in accommodating and upholding that. Show callers add great value to the Namibian live events industry, as the minor things get paid attention to,” stated Ndongo.

2021-09-27  Paheja Siririka

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