• July 16th, 2019
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Employees open case over body searches

Nuusita Ashipala Ongwediva-Three employees of the Ondonga Traditional Authority (OTA) have opened a case of crimen injuria and unlawful search against the secretary of the traditional authority, Nepando Amupanda and some police officers from the Oshana police for allegedly asking them to undress before conducting a full body search. The alleged degrading body search led the three to be searched on their genitals as well as their behinds in the presence of Amupanda. The search was allegedly ordered by Amupanda and carried out by the police officers. The Oshana Regional Commander, Commissioner Rauha Amwele, confirmed that there was a case of such nature registered with the police. Amwele said the investigation is still ongoing and the case has been referred to the Prosecutor General for a decision. “I do not know exactly who the case is opened against, but the investigation is still ongoing,” said Amwele. Amupanda did not respond to messages sent to him. According to documents seen by New Era, police officers on March 22 interrogated two female and one male employee on the whereabouts of a missing office key. The police officers, who conducted the search, allegedly informed the employees that they were invited by Amupanda to conduct the body search. The employees were allegedly interrogated separately and female employees were searched by female police officers, who ordered them to undress for a thorough body search. The police officer in the presence of Amupanda searched one female employee’s handbag, ordered her to remove her blouse, and probed her breasts and pockets before ordering her to remove her trousers. “This policewoman searched me under my underwear by probing me on my private parts, between my legs and between my buttocks. This policewoman also thoroughly searched me under my armpits, under my wig and under my feet as well as between my toes,” the documents further revealed. The same search was allegedly conducted on the other female employee. The male employee was also asked to strip and like the female employees had his genitals probed, they searched under his armpits, under his feet and between the toes. However, it is alleged that the key was not found on any of the employees and were ordered to remain mum on what transpired. “Accused number two (police officer) did not inform us that we were under arrest for the theft of the key locker or produce lawful search warrants nor inform us of our rights as guaranteed by the law and the constitutions,” the documents indicated.
New Era Reporter
2018-04-16 08:54:54 1 years ago

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