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Employment board called to deliver

2020-10-23  Staff Reporter

Employment board called to deliver
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Veteran public service administrator Andrew Ndishishi is the new chairperson of the third Employment Services Board that resorts under the Ministery of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment Creation.
The main task of the 14-member board is to facilitate and coordinate multi-sectoral cooperation to achieve the objectives of the Employment Services Act.

While inaugurating the board in Windhoek yesterday, labour minister Utoni Nujoma called on the board to hit the ground running to ensure it delivers on its mandate before its term ends.
Nujoma cautioned the new body to avoid emulating its predecessor, the Second Employment Services Board, that he believes has failed in its mandate.

“As an organ of State, your appointment spans for three years in which several milestones are expected to be achieved,” said the minister.
“Your attention is drawn to a plan of action with clear outputs and achievable targets that need to be crafted and realised over the tenure of your office. I am informed that most of the activities on the plan of action for the previous board were not executed by the time their term expired.”
He tasked the board tackles various labour-related issues, including the finalization of the amendment of the Employment Service Act of 2011 that has been protracted for four years.

 “I am urging for a speedy process of amending the Employment Service Act,” he said. 
“The implementation of the Employment Services Act is paramount to the functioning of public employment. Your mandate is to ensure the integration of this Act into national developmental agendas.”

Nujoma also highlighted the importance of public-private partnership in the delivery of employment services, given the changes in the labour market and increased demand for specialized services. 
However, he expressed his displeasure at “non-compliance” towards the provisions of the Employment Services Act by some employers in the country. 

As a result, the labour minister said he instructed the board to institute penalties as articulated in the Employment Services Act.
Other members of the board include former immigration commissioner, Nkurumah Mushelenga, trade unionists Loide Shaanika and Mahongora Kavihuha as well as labour expert Michael Akuupa. 
Members of the board are drawn from various sectors including the public service, private sector as well as non-governmental and youth organizations.

Other members of the board are David Iigonda, Lavinia Karises, Eite Shiponeni, Johannes Kangandjera, Dantago Garosas, Jessica Gawachab, Romana Hidileko, Bernhard Tjatjara and Matheus Shimpopileni are also members of the board.

2020-10-23  Staff Reporter

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