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Empowering young girls through mentorship

2021-06-23  Paheja Siririka

Empowering young girls through mentorship
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The Purpose Mentorship Programme created in 2015 aims to empower generations of women who dream big for themselves and their communities by fostering engagement, mentorship and education.

The founders of the programme had come from an environment in which they were privileged to have access to networks and resources that would make their transition from being high school learners to university students easier.

“We have mentored more than 200 students since 2015, focusing on themes that affect their academic, physical, mental, emotional, social and financial wellbeing,” said the managing director of the programme, Ainley Amunyela.

This year, the programme kicked off with the first session of a six-part series of sessions with the mentees. The theme of the session was ‘Purpose and Identity’.

“We realised that there were countless girls who did not have the same access as we did. We identified this gap, and the understanding of the importance of education and mentorship led us to establish the programme,” shared Amunyela.

Each year, the programme takes on a new cohort of grade 12 girls, totalling 30 from various high schools around Windhoek. They work with these girls for the year with two main objectives in mind: the first being that the girls pass their grade 12 year, and the second being that they gain admission into the university for a course of their choice.

“The cohort of benefactors – affectionately referred to as ‘Purpose Girls’ – then go through a series of mentorship sessions hosted at their different high schools, focused on themes that affect their academic, physical, mental, emotional, social and financial wellbeing. In addition to the mentorship sessions, the girls also receive assistance in terms of tutoring, means to attend their matric farewell and other areas where there may be a need,” added Amunyela.

The mentorship sessions also assist the ‘Purpose Girls’ with guidance when it comes to applying for universities since the mentors themselves have already gone through the process and know the ropes well.


2021-06-23  Paheja Siririka

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