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Endjala wants Omusati to lead in agro-processing

2021-09-30  Nuusita Ashipala

Endjala wants Omusati to lead in agro-processing
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The governor of Omusati region Erginus Endjala, who has always advocated for agriculture in his region, says it is his dream for the region to be a pioneer in agro processing.

The region in recent years already constructed a tomato processing plant; however, the project has not been completed.

Despite that, Endjala said, it remains his dream to see products from Omusati on the shelves.

“I want to see more and more products on our shelves come from Omusati,” said Endjala.

Meanwhile, the governor is happy with the progress at the asparagus processing plant in the region.

During his last visit, the governor said there were 140 employees with an extra 30 that were also expected to be employed.

The 190 hectares currently harvests about seven tons of asparagus, translating into over 180 tons over a month.

In addition to the regional programmes in place to advance agriculture, Endjala said many of the residents have also heeded the call of establishing gardens.

“The call to increase production is being heeded by farmers,” said Endjala.

Last year, alone, the governor said about 105 small-scale farmers joined the Olushandja horticulture association.

The association produces a wide range of produces, including tomatoes, onions and green peppers.

Despite heeding the call to produce, the market remains a challenge, the governor said.

Although there is a directive for fresh produce to be sourced locally to absorb what is being produced by the local farmers, implementation is a challenge.

 “What I got from the caterers is that there is no consistency from the farmers; today, they might have – but tomorrow, not,” said Endjala.

The governor also encouraged commercial banks to assist farmers with capital to boost their production.

Endjala said he is satisfied with the production of fresh produce in the region and encourage farmers to produce more.

The governor said, apart from creating food for the region beyond, employment can also be created through agriculture.

In addition, to increase production, the prices for fresh produce have the potential of becoming affordable.

2021-09-30  Nuusita Ashipala

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