• September 24th, 2020

Engela raises funds for Omundudu Combined School library

Youth Corner
Youth Corner

Eenhana The community at Engela will be hosting a fundraising gala dinner on September 4-5 to assist in the completion of a library currently under construction at Omundudu Combined School. A table for five persons will cost N$2,500 and for ten N$5,000. A fully sponsored sports tournament to the tune of N$7,000 will also be held towards month end. “We have a fully funded tournament for primary school students, including netball and soccer, that will be held at month-end. The gala dinner is expected to raise N$94,274, the estimated cost of completing the construction of the new library. Meanwhile, Admiral Bamba Nghipandwa has been selected to be the project patron,” school principal, Elifas Haifidi said. “GIPF donated N$5,000 towards the construction of the first phase of the library in 2006. Bazaars were held from 2006 to 2007 and but other activities have since stopped, hence our need to fundraise for the library,” Haifidi noted. He added that a steering committee, comprising former school principal, Aaron Namhindo, Mike Luaanda and members of the community, was established to spearhead the fundraising drive for the school library. Currently the roof and roof trusses are complete and the school has also raised enough money to fence off the library. This year has been targeted for the completion of the construction project.  
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2015-08-19 13:13:58 | 5 years ago

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