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Entertainer wants N$300 000 over hate speech

2021-04-23  Aletta Shikololo

Entertainer wants N$300 000 over hate speech
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Local disc jockey (DJ) Nicodemus Alweendo popularly known as DJ Ambizzy is demanding N$300 000 from music promoter and businessman Desmond Shipanga for the discourteous utterances he made against him on social media. 

In a recent social media post, Shipanga dismissed Alweendo for demanding payment owed to DJ Asserdeep by saying he does not talk to “albinos” and that God made DJ Ambizzy an albino because he is “abnormal”. 

In his particulars of claim filed by his lawyer Nambili Mhata, Alweendo states the repeated reference to him as an albino conveyed the explicit message that people living with albinism are not worthy of being described as human beings and have sub-human or low intelligence and amounts to advocacy of hatred towards such persons. 

“Your said words uttered to our client therefore impaired his dignity as they are hateful, hurtful words to him and other human beings living with albinism,” read the letter of demand. 

“You made the above statements wrongfully and unlawfully and intending to injure our client in his reputation and dignity, thereby lowering his esteem in the eyes of the right-thinking members of the community in Namibia and abroad, some of whom include his fans, who help him to make a living through music.” 

As a result of the statements made by Shipanga, the letter states that Alweendo has suffered damages to his dignity and self-worth and Shipanga is liable under the action iniuriarum to the amount of N$150 000 and he is also expected to pay another amount of N$150 000 to the Namibia Albino Association. 

He further demands an unreserved apology, and to the albino association and any person living with albinism who may have come into contact with the Instagram utterances. 

Should he fail or refuse to heed the demand by no later than Monday 26 April 2021, Alweendo has threatened to institute legal action against Shipanga in the High Court. 

Shipanga refused to comment on the matter, however, he referred this reporter to his lawyer, who was unreachable at the time of going to print.  

“I don’t comment on legal issues or else it will be held against me, please talk to my lawyer,” said Shipanga. 


2021-04-23  Aletta Shikololo

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