• August 11th, 2020

Entries now open for children's writing competition

Youth Corner
Youth Corner

Pinehas Nakaziko WINDHOEK - I am The Key Children Media is inviting entries from children between the ages of 7-16 for the Namibia Children Writing Competition before September 5. Entry is free and children are at liberty to choose their own topics, in any Namibian language they are comfortable with and in the manner they would like to convey it. Drawing, photos or any other graphics are not allowed in the competition. Short stories should be submitted to iamthekey.info@gmail.com or drop in submission boxes that will be placed at different schools. Eslien Tsuses from I am the Key says winning prizes will be in four categories. The first winner will get away with N$1000 cash, a certificate and will also be given a chance to publish a book. The second winner will win N$800 cash and a certificate, while the third winner will get N$500 and a certificate.   The winning story in each category will be published. “We have also introduced a best supportive school award of N$5 000 so that the schools participate and support the learners,” says Tsuses. The competition will be divided into three categories: Sub-junior (7-9 years) to write 300-500 words; Junior (10 – 12 years) to write 500 -700 words, and Senior (13-16 years) to write 700 -1000 words. The Namibian Children’s Writing Competition is initiated to promote literature in Namibia, and to harness the creative potential of Namibian children. “Imagine reading a book by a child of your age, who lives in your community, facing the same challenges.  This will not only inspire children to pursue their dreams, but also inspire their hopes and possibilities,” says Tsuses, adding that these children will not only be role models in their communities but will also develop a higher sense of self-awareness and self-confidence, academically and socially.   Tsuses adds that they have decided to start at the foundation of early learning years, and with this initiative, they hope to foster a culture of not only writing, but also reading in children.  “Special arrangements can be made directly with schools, through the English and Life Skills teachers or the principals, whereby they can collect the stories of the children and we can make arrangements to collect the boxes. This is for the fact that most children do not have access to emails and the necessary resources to mail the stories to us. We therefore urge the schools and teachers to contact us, so that we can make arrangements and give all learners an equal opportunity.” Tsuses says the dreams of Namibian children are valid and they must create platforms that not only harness them but also promote them. Therefore, with the competition, they are hoping to develop future authors, researchers and globally recognised leaders. With the competition, children are going to benefit by enhancing their writing skills, winning cash prices and a publishing contract with I am The Key Children Media. “They will become writers in their own rights and they also become part of I am The Key Children Media by association and will be exposed to more fun, engaging as well as rewarding opportunities.”  Dalah Hapulile, currently its executive director, has founded I am The Key Children Media, a Namibia nonprofit company. The project is being administered by Tsuses, who is currently the project manager.
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