• June 6th, 2020

Etenda Lamafo the intellect

WINDHOEK - One would usually think a kwaito artist would be a street hustler having a dark past and resembles an image of a gangsta.

But not Lewis Kapofi also known as Kavax Etenda Lamafo who just recently completed his Honours Accounting & Finance at the University of South Africa (Unisa). He has dedicated the last 5 years on education and personal development, now that he has achieved his aim he will go back to the studio to record, the next album which will be released in 2020.

The smart intellect who grew up in Soweto has released five albums to date has certificates in Banking, HIV Counselling, Management and customer service, Sage Patel (Accounting Package), Bachelors of technology Accounting and finance ( Nust) and an honours in accounting and finance.

He informed Entertainment Now! He cannot acquire qualification and knowledge just to hang them on his walls.”We cannot allow wisdom, knowledge to collect dust. Artist are talented human beings, most of the artist are people I know that have obtained maximum points that allow them to enter tertiary institutions. Artist must try to not give up on their studies or drop out from school, the only gift that people cannot take from you is the power of your brain, knowledge and education’’ he explained.

As if that was not enough in 2018 Kavax registered for an MBA (Masters Business Administration) with the Herold Pupkewitz Business School at Namibia University of Science and Technology. Which he will be graduating in October next year.

Apart from his studies, he has also ventured into business opening up Super Mega Investments which owns properties.’’The bible talks about opportunities, I always try my almost best to make use of the opportunities available to better my living standard. Business is good, the economy is at a point where only those who planned for it can survive the storm, the properties I own are four the rest is owned by Super Mega Investments were I am the boss’’ he said. 

The last time he released music was in 2016 when he did a swot wot analysis about himself to identify his strength and weaknesses.’’I prioritise and engage on what is best for my future. Music is an interesting career, but education is the key sustainable tool one can have for a lifetime, it was very imperative for me to understand my vision and to implement strategies which supports what I wanted to achieve’’. 

He further advised artist not to give up on their studies or drop out of school, and that the only gift that people cannot take from you is the power of your brain, knowledge and education.’’

People, in general, must understand that we have a population not more than 3 million, you need to be in good relations with everyone you meet because you never know when you will need assistance from that person. 

Focus on what’s important and forget about social media gossips and spending 24 hours on inconsequential activities which does not add value to your life. Spend money on items that add value to your balance sheet and not on liabilities that make people complain when the economy decides to stretch it mussels, stop buying cars and buy bricks to shelter your family’’ he ended. 


Strauss Lunyangwe
2019-09-13 08:49:18 | 8 months ago

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