• February 25th, 2020

Evanka Moller is spinning her way to stardom

Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK- Spinning is a hobby that has evolved into a sport where drivers spin modified cars around a track until their vehicle’s wheels explode. Spinning is hardly a woman sport as it has since inception been largely male-dominated. However, one brave young lady who has ignored the status quo is Rehoboth-born Evanka Moller. Moller attended Gammams Primary School in Khomasdal and further went on to Centaurus High School in Windhoek. 

“I started spinning exactly one year and six months ago to date,” said Moller. She has always been exposed to the spinning environment ever since she was young, “but I never imagined that I would become a spinner until I attended the first show and instantly fell in love with the sport,” she said. According to Moller, being a spinner does not limit her from following any of the other passions which include being a pharmacist or nurse. 

Being a female spinner, 21 years old and in a male-dominated sport has its ups and downs: “Some of the challenges as a female spinner is that I am always seen as not capable of growing in the industry dominated by men,” she said. “Because of my passion for spinning, I have been able to pay less attention to criticism and negative comments,” she added. 

What better way to stay driven than to affiliate yourself with your fellow human beings who are in the same position as you, “I know two other elderly female spinners that have been great motivators to me ever since I started spinning,” Moller stated. Asked on whether she has taken part in any competitions, she explained that due to the lack of female spinners in Namibia there haven’t been any competitions for the ladies as yet and thus she hasn’t taken part in any.  She has however attended many exciting shows throughout the time, saying “hopefully we will be getting a woman’s category very soon and I will definitely be taking part”.

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