• October 24th, 2020

Event highlights dangers of cybercrime

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WINDHOEK – The Capricorn Group recently hosted yet another thought-provoking ‘Inspire’ event that topped the Group’s calendar as the fourth signature Inspire gathering. The topic of the most recent discussion that took place at the Namibian Institute of Public Administration and Management (Nipam) was Cybercrime and Digital Security which was featured in the hope to stir up conversations around how to protect staff and companies from cyberbullies.
The speaker Jean-Pierre Murray-Kline, who Capricorn describes as a self-made millionaire, educated a well turned out crowd and had attendees thinking about their vulnerabilities on the world wide web. 
Murray-Kline pointed out that Namibians, in general, seem unaware of the fact that cybercrime is an ever-increasing reality and that everyone is susceptible to it. 
“Not too long ago our newspapers reported on past incidents that placed Namibia on the world map where cybercriminals had taken advantage of us. They had also indicated that our country’s laws are not yet entirely up to date with these kinds of scenarios. This left a gap where Capricorn Group foresaw the need to provide both internal and external stakeholders with knowledge on the pressing issue of cybercrime. The event proved to be a huge success, and more people are now informed on this topic,” read a statement from Capricorn. 
Murray-Kline is known as an entrepreneur, specialist, writer and motivational speaker. His impressive portfolio as a scenario planner includes Internet Marketing, Disruptive Technology, Internet of Thing / IoT, Technology trends, Keynote Talks, Planning & Workshops, Sustainable Green Technology, Future Proofing, Cyber Security, Website and App Development, Custom Programming, Virtual and Augmented reality solutions.
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Staff Reporter
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