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Every hand is blessed

2021-09-15  Festus Hamalwa

Every hand is blessed
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Anna Mumbala, also known as Anna Chosen (24), is a third-year student teacher at Hifikepunye Pohamba Unam Campus, and she is passionate about doing nails because she is struggling to settle her school fees. After she realised she had no one to pay for her tuition, rent, taxi fare, and food and toiletries, she decided to venture into the manicure/pedicure business in 2019.

“Being a young creative and dedicated lady, I always wanted to use my creative skills. Being passionate about nails influenced me to venture into this business,” she told Youth Corner. 

Mumbala said despite the struggles she went through, she dusted off and started her nail business, which started as a joke that turned into a reality today.

She explained it was not easy for a village girl like her to get where she is today.

“I was on my own but I conquered (Isaiah 41:10). I have always wanted to boss up – and so I did it by opening a recognised nail business. I don’t just do nails but I sell clothing items too,” she added

Mumbala stressed her varsity life didn't also give her a choice but to get out of her comfort zone and hustle in all possible ways as a means of survival. 

As it says, “If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain”.

Who inspired you when it comes to the nails business?

 “As a self-taught nail professional, I wasn’t really inspired by anyone. YouTube videos brought me this far. I watched tutorials on how to make nails and I decided to buy my first nail kit. I remember doing my own colourful nails until fellow students asked if I could start a nail business and offer training too.”

“Annely, Tuwilika and Tuli were my first nail training clients, and it all started from there to where I am today. The journey just started; more is yet to come, and I am extra ready to go beyond my strengths,” she stated.

She gives training twice a month, which takes two days for beginners and it costs N$1 000 – that includes a full nail kit set, student manual and a certificate.

“I also give advanced training once a month, which takes a day – and it costs N$300; however, I also charge N$400 to those with their own nail kits but still need my knowledge,” she said.

“Everybody is a genius in what they do; you just need to be focused and watch things go your way. Every hand is blessed; believe that you can do better and that means just do your best. We’re all good at something: figure out what it is, take your time and just do it. Everyone started from scratch to get where they are today; being successful is everyone’s dream but people are not ready to face challenges that come with success,” she expressed.

Mumbala said she considers offering classes to other people from various regions.

“Yes, I want to see everyone be good at nails regardless of their location, ages and religion.”

“There’s no age requirement to business; start with what you have until it turns into something bigger. You can be a student at the same time but a business person too,” she advised.

For one to reserve their seat, they need to book in advance by paying a deposit fee of N$250 due to high consumer demand and especially now that we have Covid-19 regulations that need to be adhered to.

Mumbala is based in Oshakati and can be reached on her social media page: Instagram anna_chosen_nails and Facebook Anna_chosen_nails.


2021-09-15  Festus Hamalwa

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