• July 21st, 2019
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Ex-Koevoet leader denies existence of splinter group

Staff Reporter Windhoek-The leader of the Namibia War Veterans Trust (Namvet) Jabulani Ndeunyema has rubbished reports that some Namvet members have left the organisation to start their own group. Ndeunyema explained that the Namvet Liberation Movement is merely a pressure group, formed as a subgroup of the main Namvet group, to apply pressure on the government. “You remember they sneaked out of the camp at night to march to State House. We give them the authority as long as it doesn’t put any of our members in danger. It is a pressure group not a breakaway,“ stated Ndeunyema, adding that Namvet has become a big organisation that could be compared to the Swapo liberation movement prior to Namibia’s independence from apartheid South Africa, and as such “there is a need for subgroups within the main group”. Namvet members are men who served as soldiers and police officers in the Koevoet paramilitary unit and the South West African Territorial Force (SWATF) under South African apartheid rule in Namibia. They are demanding that the government recognises them as war veterans, under the Veterans Act of 2008, which recognises and authorises monetary compensation and resources as benefits to every person who participated in the liberation war against the South African apartheid regime and its colonial forces. Ndeunyema was speaking at a press conference in response to reports by The Namibian that 34 Namvet members left the organisation and have formed what is called the Namvet Liberation Movement. Ndeunyema maintained that the entire Namvet, and its subgroups, remains under his leadership and his colleague, a certain Katjaimo. He said the group is not just Windhoek-based but in every town and consists of 500 energetic ex-Kovoet soldiers. “Some of the aims and objectives are to protect us from enemies and predators. They have to make sure we are protected. The group has the responsibility to destroy the injustices in the country. This group does not fear to die. If you decided to fight, then come. They don’t fear to die but fear to die without preparing the legacy of their children,” said Ndeunyema. He added that the group shouldn’t be underestimated and that it has massive support. The Namvet leader further denied that the group said they are going to spill blood but added: “But we will sacrifice our lives and are ready to be killed by the Ovawambo.” In his explanation Ndeunyema, who is an Oshiwambo speaker, says the specific reference to Ovawambo is because, as far as Namvet is concerned, “the Swapo-led government is a ‘Wambo’ government”. Caption (pic: Ndeunyema.jpg): Namvet leader Jabulani Ndeunyema
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2018-01-16 09:48:00 1 years ago

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