• November 25th, 2020

Ex-magistrate to be tried in 2021

Former Windhoek-based magistrate Riana Hileni Kavara, who resigned following her suspension on criminal charges, is scheduled to go on trial next year.
The 36-year-old Kavara’s trial was scheduled to start on Friday in the Windhoek Regional Court; however, her newly appointed legal team was not ready to proceed, stating they are yet to familiarise themselves with the docket.
Court records indicate the trial was supposed to have started in 2017 but has been postponed numerous times due to Kavara’s legal representation.

Magistrate Elvis Mwilima set down the dates of 30 March 2021 to 1 April 2021 for the trial hearing.
Kavara will be standing trial on a charge of defeating or obstructing the course of justice, alternatively corruptly using office or position for gratification, which is an offence under the Anti-Corruption Act, and a count of corruptly using a false document, which is also an offence in terms of the Anti-Corruption Act. 

It is alleged that Kavara dug her own grave in 2015 when she, at the time, intervened in her boyfriend’s case. 
Kavara’s then-boyfriend Mohammed Shabani was facing a charge of dealing in cocaine.  During his bail application, Kavara took the stand and testified in his favour so that he may be granted bail. 

Shabani’s bail request was later granted, of which Kavara forked out N$50 000 for his release.  After being granted bail, Shabani disappeared and failed to make his court appearance in November 2015; the bail money was provisionally forfeited to the State and a warrant of arrest was issued against him. Kavara then handed in an application to have her bail money returned to her after her boyfriend at the time became a fugitive from justice.

 She allegedly later used her position as magistrate to alter the court records by making an entry on the court system, ordering the reinstatement of Shabani’s bail.
Kavara was suspended after an investigation by the ACC found her guilty of allegedly amending a case record and reinstated bail in the absence of a prosecutor and court interpreter.  Following her suspension, Kavara later resigned from her position as magistrate.
Kavara is currently on bail of N$2 000. 
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Maria Amakali
2020-10-28 07:31:41 | 28 days ago

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