• April 22nd, 2019
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Ex-NAC bosses ‘handpicked’ Chinese contractor- TIMELINE


Events as they unfolded following NAC board’s authorisation that management use Aurecon Consulting to engage contractors by obtaining quotations for rehabilitation of Ondangwa airport: 5 September 2014: NAC’s then Acting CEO Tamer El-Kallawi and engineering executive Courage Silombela agree with Aurecon that to save time, NAC would give Aurecon two contractor names to include in the list of tenderers. Aurecon must only find two other contractors. NAC give China State and another company. 17 November 2014: Aurecon recommends appointment of China State for Phase 1. 15 December 2014: NAC board resolves to award Phase 1 contract to China State. 16 December 2014: El-Kallawi writes appointment letter to China State for Phase 1, at cost of N$208 million. 11 March 2015: NAC enters into contract with China State for Phase 1. 18 April 2016: China State submits to Silombela a bill of quantity totalling N$168.58 million for Phase 2. NAC board had not yet made any decision regarding Phase 2. 10 May 2016: Silombela submits to NAC board N$168.58 million as cost estimates for Phase 2 (based on Aurecon cost estimate). 27 May 2016: Silombela submits to NAC board that China State be reappointed for Phase 2 at cost of N$200.4 million. Says Phase 2 is continuation of Phase 1, therefore no need for public tender. 01 June 2016: NAC confirms El-Kallawi as substantive CEO. 02 June 2016: China State asks Silombela permission to revise the 18 April quotation, and submit new one. 23 June 2016: NAC board resolves to re-appoint China State for Phase 2 at cost of N$211 million. But raises concerns over procurement policies not being followed in appointing contractor for Phase 2. July 2016: China State complete Phase 1 01 September 2016: New board is appointed at NAC. Says previous board, at 23 June board meeting, rushed through awarding tender worth N$400 million, for no reason. 25 October 2016: China State tells Aurecon it is mobilising for Phase 2. To commence work on 1 August 2016. 26 October 2016: Aurecon asks new NAC board to sign contract with China State or withdraw appointment letter. 28 November 2016: NAC board says matter is under consideration. 20 December 2016: NAC external lawyers say no binding contract existed between NAC and China State. 12 January, 25 January & 10 February 2017: NAC, Aurecon and China State exchange letters on validity of contract for Phase 2. 10 March 2017: NAC board decides to approach courts to set aside decision of 23 June by previous board. 06 April 2017: NAC board appoints Deloitte for forensic investigation into El-Kallawi and Silombela. 21 June 2017: NAC suspends El-Kallawi and Silombela. 25 September 2017: Deloitte submits first privileged report. October 2017: Deloitte final report made available to NAC external legal team. Board set 6 November as date for disciplinary hearing of Silombela and 5 December for El-Kalawi hearing. 10 November 2017: Silombela resigns. 01 December 2017: El-Kallawi and NAC board reach ‘without prejudice’ settlement.
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2018-04-25 10:17:00 11 months ago

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