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Exit hits out at backstabbers

2020-07-17  Aletta Shikololo

Exit hits out at backstabbers
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   Aletta Shikololo

If there is one thing that Kwaito star, Exit real name David Shikalepo knew before entering the industry, it would be backstabbers in the music scene.
Exit says the industry is full of selfish people and traitors who make sure they do all they can to pull him down. In a brief chat with Entertainment Now! the award-winning kwaito star cut us through his life where he talked about controversies that come with fame.
“I guess when you make it on your own, people want you to stumble, they want a piece of you, they want to understand what makes you tick and because you are the subject that they keep failing,” due to that, Exit believes that they resort to hatred.
To maintain his peace of mind, the singer said, he blocks out negativity and that is how he keeps progressing.  “I just take leave from it, I don’t allow it, don’t surround myself with it, I block it out totally.  Whether it comes in the form of a person or situation,” explained the ‘Style’ hitmaker.
The artist has always pushed himself to the limit and he has worked hard enough to make his brand relevant which he tries to maintain despite controversies attached to it.
Exit is more than just a music maker; he is also an entrepreneur.
According to him, he sells merchandise and also indulges in other businesses to bring in a few coins.
When asked what he thinks people do not know about him, Exit said people are unaware that he is an introvert and he likes girls who wear heels.
 “Being recognized is my favourite and least favourite as well because sometimes I like to be recognized and sometimes I don’t because it messes with my head you know. 
A man needs his space and private life you know. It’s like a jagged edge.” said Exit exposing the introvert side of him.
He advised his fans to stay in their lane.
“Don’t try to be like anybody else, there can only be one Exit, one Lady May, one Jean Michael. Just simply do you and be you no matter what they think or say,” he further added.
Exit will be dropping a new album this month titled ‘The Last Supper’ and he is working on getting more into television programmes.
“The music will keep coming, its second nature. I am in my element, like a fish in water,” he concluded. 

2020-07-17  Aletta Shikololo

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