• June 2nd, 2020

Exit stirs ‘beef’ to revive music career

 Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK- With one of the Facebook posts saying, “Ni**az be actin like somebody gon’ die or somethin’ Weedhu!! I had to shake you up a bit...these are the only moves that will basically elevate the game cause it pushes everyone and raises the artistic bar meaning better music Otampanikifwa ko ka chii kokuMtata shili...Se iina tu tila...Hambaa, ” he posted. 

The phrase translates to “You guys are being panicked or freaked out by a boy from Mtata (Oshakati), we are not afraid”. The award-winning artist called out musicians King Tee Dee and Gazza because of the music industry being too tedious. 
“I want beef, the game too boring, somebody f***s with me pls,” posted Exit. Another post showing he was targeting King Tee Dee was, “Dogs don’t bark at stationary cars, something must be hot about Exit”. 

The post was inspired by King Tee Dee (The Dogg)’s Instagram video telling people to drink water. “Drink pure water and mind your business. Only my fans can mind my business. Please eat carrots  for your vision coz some lost where they are heading. Thanks to everyone that is on my side in a good way. Again let’s drink water,” said King Tee Dee. 

With a lot of violence emanating from minor issues, it is worrisome as it can aggravate rivalries that already exist. Entertainment Now! spoke to some artistes on the fiasco with many opting for the ever popular phrase no comment. 
Hip-hop rap sensation, Kamaaizemi Hoveka otherwise known as KP Illest, said there is enough space for everyone in the industry to work together in peace and harmony instead of creating unnecessary issues. 
“What artistes should know is these two guys (referring to King Tee Dee and Gazza) don’t tell music enthusiasts on who to support and who not to support,” stressed KP Illest. In general, KP Illest said, “If your music is wack (not good) then it’s wack”. 

“Even if these two artistes retire that will not necessarily mean your music or you will get more support,” emphasised KP Illest. 

Edo Lutete known as Dice said he does not “really care much”. 
When contacted for comment, Gazza refused to comment. 
Similarly, Sunny-Boy replied, “No comment”, when asked what his views were on the saga.  King Tee Dee and Exit were also not available for comment.

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2019-05-03 11:28:13 | 1 years ago

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