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Exploring talent options amid Covid-19

2021-07-09  Paheja Siririka

Exploring talent options amid Covid-19
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The Covid-19 pandemic has brought along a lot of worries to some, while others have taken advantage of the lonely time by honing their skills, like Debby Esther Amagola (22), who started baking and has now turned a hobby into a business.

Amagola said most bakers usually sell their cakes for exorbitant amounts but she decided to make it affordable, since there is a clientele. However, money is the issue and cakes tend to be costly.

“I am targeting everyone, especially those who can’t afford expensive, whole homemade cakes. I also offer cake slices as well,” she told VIBEZ!

 Amagola decided to reignite the passion, as she has been baking from a young age and went on because of the positive reviews she received from friends and family members.

“I have been baking since fourth grade, but I only baked cakes for my family and friends. I mostly got positive comments about how delicious my cakes are. This built my confidence to start my business. 

“I believe I am dexterous but baking is a skill I have learnt from a young age, so I have mastered it better, compared to other things I can do”.

She stated that baking is just one of the hobbies she decided to explore again after being inactive for a while, in order to raise funds to invest in her other talents, including sewing and designing, painting and makeup.

The second-year fashion design student at the College of the Arts added that she started last month, just when she received news from school that their classes were suspended. Just like any other holiday or the spare time she gets, Amagola tried to positively utilise it and make the most out of it.

“The bigger vision now is to start supplying to restaurants and events that would require cakes; that’s my goal in the baking world.” 

Social media has helped her reach out to the community – to a point where it even reached local celebrities buying her cakes, which created the hype. 

“I am grateful for my friends and family for sharing my business posts every single day; it helps me a lot, since I work alone and I spend most of my time baking. From there, I deliver myself.”



Ready for delivery… Debby Esther Amagola after baking a cake for a customer.

Photo: Contributed

2021-07-09  Paheja Siririka

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