• June 26th, 2019
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FAN strives matching NFC’s funding


Staff Reporter The new board of the Film Association of Namibia (FAN) will strive at raising funds to assist members as much as possible, to match the Namibia Film Commission (NFC)’s funding. The new board will also address the business of filmmaking by focusing on business administration, marketing and film distribution, to give new members the skills they need for the success of their future productions. The ultimate aim is to formalise the film industry in the future, as well as showing the business and job opportunities in filmmaking in Namibia, especially for unexposed Namibians. Besides offering members experience, the new board will also be upgrading the FAN website and have members listed according to skill level. It also aims to create a monthly digital newsletter covering what is happening in the film industry, as well as highlighting opportunities for members in the industry. The board envisions signing up interested individuals for trainee programmes and or technical placement schemes for international productions within a year. In the long-term, these individuals will be moving up in the production hierarchy every year, based on skill and experience. This in turn will give the NFC access to filmmakers in tiered levels who can be integrated into their plans. The board’s goal is to increase membership, improve FAN’s visibility and image as an institution in the Namibian film industry. The board also aims improving its membership base by diversifying it to ensure it represents everyone in the filmmaking industry. FAN will facilitate the improvement of entry level filmmakers’ skills. FAN’s board’s objective for 2018 is organising a short film two-day shoot event for new members. This event will encourage participants to be as creative as possible. This will give the board an indication of who is capable and able to be a part of their proposed upcoming short film programme intended to give new members insight into working on set, under the guidance of experienced heads of departments. To execute its mandate of developing the film industry, the board urges filmmakers to register as FAN members for N$300 a year as the association is member driven. The fee for students is N$150. The board would also emphasises that FAN represents everyone in the industry, irrespective of race or colour. The Filmmakers Association of Namibia (FAN) founded in 2000, promotes the growth and development of the Namibian film industry. FAN is a member driven organisation and members mandate the FAN board to take up their consolidated concerns and suggestions with relevant stakeholders as representatives of its members. The FAN board speaks on behalf of the industry as whole. All filmmakers who have not yet registered with FAN, are urged to do so by emailing filmmakersnamibia@gmail.com to find out how to register.
New Era Reporter
2018-04-27 11:15:01 1 years ago

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