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Farmers' Kraal with Charles Tjatindi - The pros and cons of agri-businesses

2020-11-03  Staff Reporter

Farmers' Kraal with Charles Tjatindi - The pros and cons of agri-businesses
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Have you ever wanted to spend more time in the great outdoors? Have you ever wanted to lead a more sustainable business? If so, starting a farming business might be right for you. Whether dealing in livestock or horticulture, you will be able to both make money and live the life that you may have always wanted.

 Still, before you start looking for farm property, you should consider the pros and cons. You see, while a farm business might be your path to the good life, it might also cause you more headaches than you ever imagined.

You will meet consumer demand. When thinking about creating something for the consumer market, you can’t go far wrong with a farm business. From dairy to meat products, as well as fruit, vegetables, and herbs, there will always be consumer demand for what you have to offer. As with any business, you do need to price things correctly to stand in line with the competition, and you do need to market your business, but provided you do both those things, you should have a regular income coming in.
You can diversify your business. As suggested above, you don’t need to stick to one area of farming. Not only can you grow crops and raise cattle for financial means, but you might also use part of your farmland for public access, perhaps with a petting zoo or a bed and breakfast on-site to generate further income. The land is yours to do what you want with it, so consider the range of moneymaking opportunities at your disposal.

You will feel the benefits. Not only are there financial benefits to farming, but also there are other, perhaps less tangible benefits too. There is a sense of achievement when your hard work bears fruit (perhaps literally), and there is satisfaction in knowing that you are giving something back to the environment. There are also the expected health benefits from being in the great outdoors, so this is one business that is both good for your body and mind.

The harsh weather, for starters, you will have to work in all kinds of weather conditions, so while you may complain about working in the office all day, you might rethink your ideal working environment when battling with the elements at 05h00 in the morning! 
And you need to get on top of your fencing, securing it so as not to lose cattle should the weather make light work of your defences.
It’s hard work. Don’t expect an easy time of things. Farmers work up to 12 hours a day at a minimum, and this includes early morning starts and late night checks. There are no days off, as you need to care for both cattle and crops, and there is the physical labour to consider, so you will need to be both physically and mentally strong. Of course, this is where hired help comes in, so if you are considering farming as a business, you might want to consider the hiring process. Many hands make light work, after all!
So, do you think you have what it takes to start a farming business? The choice remains yours.

Until then…

2020-11-03  Staff Reporter

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