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Farmers warm up to Agribank training

2021-09-14  Staff Reporter

Farmers warm up to Agribank training

Farmers in Omaheke and Otjozondjupa regions responded positively to Agribank’s practical training and lecture sessions. As farmers prepare for the upcoming rainy season, Agribank conducted lectures and practical training sessions in the two regions, targeting farmers of all kind.

According Hanks Saisai, Agribank’s technical advisor for crops and poultry, “the lectures and practical training sessions have been targeting remote areas in order for them to have access to critical information such as livestock nutritional needs, animal health, farm management planning and record keeping, chicken production, vegetable production and dry land crop production preparations.” 

Saisai further noted that these events were held to prepare farmers to be ready for upcoming rainy season and for them to be informed on how to improve productivity and contribute towards sustainable food security and wealth creation among the communities throughout the country.

Saisai also added that some topics such as poultry, horticulture and cultivated pasture are more in demand, as participants requested for follow up of intense training in such areas.

Agribank, through its Agri Advisory Services Division, conducts lectures and practical sessions with the objective of educating farmers on various components of farming, as well as advising on possible solutions to challenges being faced by farmers. 

The sessions also serve as information sharing opportunity for farmers.

The bank recently resumed with its lectures and practical training sessions, following the easing of the Covid-19 regulations on public gatherings. 

Over 175 farmers participated in the practical sessions and lectures, with women being the highest in attendance.

2021-09-14  Staff Reporter

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