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Farmworker found guilty of killing wife

2020-05-08  Maria Amakali

Farmworker found guilty of killing wife

The Windhoek High Court yesterday convicted a 56-year-old farmworker for killing his wife and mother to his children in 2017 in the Kalkrand area. 

Andrew Scott was found guilty on a charge of murder with direct intent for the death of his wife Anna Scott between 2 and 4 August 2017. The court, however, acquitted him on a charge of obstructing the course of justice. 
Scott was being tried for allegedly having assaulted his wife by kicking and hitting her before he finally strangled her to death with his own hands. He allegedly further continuously trampled his wife’s genitals. 

Judge Naomi Shivute said Scott foresaw the possibility that by assaulting the deceased and trampling on her genitals will result in her death, thus he is guilty of murder with direct intent. 

“The accused during his testimony admitted to causing the deceased’s death by common assault. Thus, he inflicted serious injuries to the deceased at sensitive areas which consequently resulted in her death,” said 
Although Scott was found guilty of murder, Shivute found that the State failed to prove the charge of obstruction of justice when he covered his wife’s body with blankets in the room in which she was killed.

During the trial, witnesses testified that the relationship between Scott and his wife was violent. Scott allegedly accused his wife of marital affairs. One of the sour topics in their marriage was the child that his wife had that was not fathered by Scott. Scott and his wife were married for 21 years before she died in August 2017.

Although Scott instructed his defence attorney Mbanga Siyomunji that he did not kill his wife, he however changed his version when he testified. 
According to his testimony, Scott told the court that on the day of his wife’s demise, they had both consumed alcohol and were very drunk when they went home.

But upon arriving at their residence, he confronted her about her habit of sleeping with other men and then bragging to him about it.
He wanted to know from her why she insisted in insulting him with such behaviour and offered to return her to her family. According to him, the victim then told him: “It is my body and I can do with it what I want and I enjoy sex with them more than with you.” He further added that his mind went blank and out of rage, he grabbed his wife and threw her on the floor. He then allegedly stamped on her private parts with his right shoe until the deceased was unconscious. Having realised what he has done, Scott attempted to take his own life by hanging himself with a wire.

2020-05-08  Maria Amakali

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