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Fear is power not knowledge

2021-03-01  Staff Reporter

Fear is power not knowledge
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The saying “it is easier said than done” is much more true when it comes to knowledge. We can also scream a million times that knowledge is power but in actual fact, our reality is far from that. In an ideal world or maybe in the old times of our forefathers, knowledge is or was power. Unfortunately, the same cannot be affirmed in our current reality. This is for the mere fact having knowledge without application is just the same as without it. Its power can only be exerted through action and application.

Although institutions of academy and information are highly revered and education given more attention as a right than a privilege, knowledge is still to illustrate the potent power it has. In fact, knowledge should have gained even more power especially in this age of information revolution. A world where information is readily available at one’s fingertips. As it is currently, the power of knowledge is only as good as poetry, a brilliant write-up or an amazing essay. It does nothing more than excite one’s wishes and desires.

On the other hand though, fear has grown horns. It has become the best tool or even a pathway to not only have power but to control knowledge. Now one must seek to understand why fear has switched places with knowledge in the power balance equation. It is, of course, clearly because the power of knowledge liberates the individual. It empowers the individual to the point that he or she no longer has to, for example, relies or depend on institutions, be private or state-owned especially for the basic aspects of life. The power of knowledge enlightens and raises one’s consciousness to even live to their highest potential.

The power of knowledge is a power-hungry and a crooked man’s worst nightmare. It renders his or her existence irrelevant. In an ideal world, the power of knowledge also renders governments and most institutions of control irrelevant. This is why there are so many restrictions and methods of control when it comes to information. This is also the reason why political ideologies wield absolute power strive for strict control of information. Their ideologies and philosophies are not only coercive but also deceptive and elusive by design. Their main is to sway as well as steer views and perceptions of its subjects into a predetermined direction and outcome.

In extreme circumstances, to curtail and minimize the power of knowledge, free access to information is curtailed. In other further instances, censorship of certain expressions and views which are different from the systemic narrative becomes the modus operandi. This is mainly done because often that views different from those that are politically correct illuminate ways to better alternative ideas which eventually promote individual liberties and freedoms.

Therefore, for knowledge to truly be powerful, its application is of utmost importance. This would also mean that true knowledge that truly liberates must become mainstream to replace pseudo-knowledge that is merely packaged as academia. This pre-packaged knowledge, with its predetermined outcomes of creating a mentality of scarcity and fear, leads to nothing but a gullible society. A society whose minds are not only dumpsters of other ideas but also fear-based. Until the revisit of what constitutes the power of knowledge, society will remain under the control of the power of fear and a playground for those who best benefit from it.
By Karlos TheGreat
Uncommon Sense is published every Friday in the New Era newspaper with contributions from Karlos Naimwhaka.

2021-03-01  Staff Reporter

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