• September 28th, 2020

Female cricketers urged to be part of Coaches Association

Maurice Kambukwe

Cricket Namibia (CN) high-performance coordinator Dee Thakur has urged local female cricket coaches to make full use of the newly-initiated Cricket Coaches Association, which aims to equip Namibian gaffers with quality coaching skills.

The first-ever Cricket Namibia Coaches Association will also be responsible for overseeing and promoting the interest of local cricket coaches and developing quality cricket mentors across the country through various development programs.
Also, the purpose of the coaches’ association is to inspire and champion coaching excellence, to advance the coaching profession and make a sustainable difference to individuals, organisations and society. Thakur amplified the importance of the association, saying it will serve as the perfect platform for local coaches to further horn their skills. He also encouraged female cricket coaches and aspiring gaffers to associate themselves with the newly-formed body to gain much-needed exposure.

 “CN has a national women cricket team with various age groups, so it is very important for women to be part of this initiative. The coaches’ association will be aligned from grassroots cricket (kwata) and also with high performance in all practical and theoretical methods of coaching. We are extending this initiative to schools, clubs, coaches, parents and interested individuals. With this initiative, we would like to produce quality cricketers, increase participation of the game and to align coaching under the strategic vision of Cricket Namibia,” explained cricket veteran Thakur.

This initiative is open to all qualified coaches and the general public, so women are encouraged to partake in this initiative.
–  mkambukwe@nepc.com.na

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2020-06-02 08:40:04 | 3 months ago

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