• August 13th, 2020

Female rappers collaborate on ‘Deadly ground SHE’

Queens of rap in the country collaborated on a female version of the ‘Deadly ground’, a Namibian Hip Hop movement. The project was initiated by veteran rapper Fidel Nambundunga a month ago, with the motive of reuniting rappers and reviving the hip hop culture in the country.
The female version of the track is adorned by artists such as Zanele, Karishma, Lize Ehlers, Catty K and Ghetto Ballerina, among many others.
These are some of the Namibian female rappers who the shaped hip-hop culture in the country.

Speaking to the project coordinator, the male version was a success and the feedback from the fans was positive; however, they did not want to abandon female rappers, who also played a role in maintaining the relevance of hip hop.
Although he could not manage to bring many old school rappers on this track for various reasons, he said the concept remained the same. 
Singer and poet Lize Ehlers commented on the collaboration, saying even though it was hard, the experience was fun and amazing.
Zanele, who went on hiatus for years, also expressed her excitement. “I am happy to feature on this track, and I like the fact that our industry is growing. I see so much potential in our artists.”

She warned her old fans to expect a new sound from her, as she has become a born again. 
Karishma expressed her excitement to Entertainment Now!, saying she feels honoured to feature on a revolutionary track.
“Namibia has talented artists and it is interesting to hear fellow artists spitting bars and giving their best rhymes,” she commented. 
The track has nine rappers, and it was produced by local producer Hozei. 
Karishma believes the track will help give Namibian rappers the exposure they deserve. 
Nambundunga told fans to be on the lookout for Deadly ground SHE, which will be released on 1 August at Chopsis.
– ashikololo@nepc.com.na

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