• June 7th, 2020

Fifa-accredited referees clothed in style

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Sport, Sports

Staff Reporter Windhoek – The Namibia Football Association (NFA) Fifa-accredited referees recently received their official Fifa apparel at the NFA Technical Centre. The quartet of Jackson Pavaza, Mathew Kanyanga, David Shaanika and Jonas Shongedi are preparing to depart for Accra, Ghana for a CAF inter-continental assignment. This year Fifa has recognised eleven local referees with Namibia Sports Commission (NSC) 2017 Referee of the Year award recipient Jackson Pavaza amongst the chief recipients alongside Jonas Shongedi and new kid on the block, retired footballer Nehemia Shovaleka from Ondangwa. In the assistant referees’ bracket, regular campaigners Mathew Kanyanga, Dawid Shaanika, Isaskar Boois and Christof Vries are joined by new entrant Sem Singeve from Grootfontein. In the women’s section, retired Brave Gladiators defender Vistoria Shangula has been accepted by Fifa as a female referee. She is joined for the first time by the pair of Olivia Amukuu and Paulina Joel as assistants. NFA referees coordinator Absalom Goseb could not heap enough praise on his subjects. “When the association started off we had no Fifa-recognised referees and the number has been increasing ever since. “The previous year, the Association had seven Fifa-recognised referees but that number has increased to eleven this year. This is a positive result as three out the eleven referees are females.” According to Fifa rules, women are not allowed to officiate men matches unless they passed the male fitness test, this being the reason why female referees in the country are unable to officiate league games. However, when the national division one finally kicks off, they will be able to officiate because they are qualified to officiate at that level. Goseb added that the new Adidas equipment which consists of a bag, tracksuits, socks, shoes and two T-shirts will enable the referees to officiate matches in a more professional manner compared to the attire they currently use which is outdated. – NFA.org.na
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2018-05-07 10:03:18 | 2 years ago

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