• August 9th, 2020

Finance ministry clarifies Emergency Income Grant processes

The Ministry of Finance has clarified that people receiving social grants on behalf of others, such as orphans or vulnerable children and other relatives, do not qualify for the Emergency Income Grant (EIG). The finance ministry this weekend explained that the EIG system does not allow for double benefits for any person whose ID number is registered for any sort or social grant and those who will attempt to apply will be declined.

“We are aware that such social grant might not be for their own use and we encourage them to be patient and wait for an appeal opportunity that will be provided through the regional councils. The appeal modalities are being worked on and will be announced at a later stage. We, therefore, encourage recipients of any grant to avoid taking part in this process,” stated Tonateni Shidhudhu, Chief Public Relations Officer in the ministry. Shidhudhu continued that students, irrespective of being recipients of NSFAF loans and grants, do not qualify for the Emergency Income Grant. This is because students are not economically active and have not lost any livelihood during the Covid-19 lockdown period. He thus encouraged students not to apply, warning that this will amount to fraud which will be punishable in terms of the law.

Through Shidhudhu, the Ministry of Finance also urged qualifying applicants to ensure they have applied and not to provide their identity documents to someone else they don’t trust to apply for them. Applicants are also encouraged to apply for themselves and to use their cell phone numbers or those of their trusted persons.

“All Namibians are warmed to desist from every temptation to use anybody’s personal identification without authorisation to avoid criminal and corruption charges,” Shidhudhu cautioned. 

As of Sunday evening, 12 April 2020, more than 350 000 applicants had been verified and were declared ready for payment today (Tuesday). Shidhudhu noted that the Ministry of Finance, in collaboration with MTC and MobiPay, is working hard to improve the system, and it is expected that most applications will go through without huddles.

“Government remains committed to deliver[in] on its promises of assisting those who became vulnerable during the Covid-19 lockdown and the nation is urged to remain calm and continue observing the lockdown regulations to stop the further spread of the Coronavirus in the country and save the economy,” Shidhudhu concluded. 

Staff Reporter
2020-04-14 09:34:20 | 3 months ago


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