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Fire victim untreated for years

2019-04-25  Selma Ikela

Fire victim untreated for years

WINDHOEK - A 22-year-old man who fell into a fire as a child and never received any standard medical attention but instead resorted to a traditional healer who treated him with herbs is now unable to close one of his eyelids. 

Kwafeingue Pedro’s condition now requires some urgent medical attention as one of his eyes is unable to close.  Even when he sleeps the eye remains open.

Pedro, an Angolan national, fell into an open fire with his face directly exposed to it. 
The incident left him with a condition called burn lagophthalmos which is described online by https/health/eyelid-disorders/lagophthalmos as inability to fully close the eyelid(s).  

The young man also suffers from slight hearing impairment. He told this reporter that after the incident he was treated at home as a child with herbs and traditional medicine. He said his village in Angola is far from any modern hospital. 
Pedro also complains of loss of vision in the affected eye.  He adds that if he walks too much in the sun or in the wind when he is selling his eggs his eyes become teary.  

Pedro says he now needs proper diagnosis and treatment by an ophthalmologist.
If he accidentally harms himself by flipping his hand in the direction of the eyelid, it bleeds, he says.
Pedro comes from a village called Mupa in the Evale area in Angola but moved to Okahandja Park, Windhoek in search of a better life, but it has been unsuccessful as his business that sells eggs is unprofitable. 

 But even now as an adult and living in the city, Pedro never sought treatment or inquired about his condition.  When asked why he never sought treatment, Pedro appeared not to have the courage and confidence to go to hospital and perhaps it also has to do with him being a foreigner.  

Pedro’s eggs business is non-profitable as he gets confused when a lot of people descend on him and gives them more change than what he is supposed to.  Pedro informed the reporter that he went to school up to Grade 4 and can read and write “a bit”.

In addition, Pedro’s neighbour Samuel Indongo stated Pedro needs to be accompanied to the hospital because on his own he would not be able to do it.

2019-04-25  Selma Ikela

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