• February 22nd, 2020

First doggie fest for Dachshund owners and their ‘celebrity’ pets

 Donna Collins

SWAKOPMUND - Being the owner of a ‘sausage dog’ or a Dachshund, as they are traditionally called, has taken on some kind of “celebrity status” in Namibia these days, with this breed being hailed by doting owners as one of the most sought after pets on the face of the planet. 

And if the ‘bling’ collars, trendy accessories, stylish winter jerseys, plush doggie beds and a dedicated social media following is anything to go by, then these idolised pooches with their stubby little legs, super long bodies and bright beady eyes, are about to take centre stage with the first ever ‘2019 Doxie Fest Namibia’.

What’s that? You might ask. Well according to Shola Smit, one of the main organisers of this much-anticipated fun-filled day being held in Windhoek on 28 September 2019 at Ramblers Sports Field, this event is to primarily raise awareness for the breed at large, as well as Dachshunds in need. 

The Doxie Fest is described as a ground-breaking initiative for the doggy community, in particular Dachshunds and a like-minded family activity focussing on everything you need to know about the breed. Ask any ‘Doxie’ owner about their little one, and you will get the impression that they have won the ‘canine lottery’, beaming with delight and gushing proudly about their endearing personalities and latest quirk.

Shola is one of the members organising the Doxie Fest 2019, who between them own 13 ‘Worsies’, and have been through their fair share of health problems, especially since this breed is prone to major back issues - even paralysis due to their stature and shape, as well as jumping from furniture and owners picking them up incorrectly. 

The Doxie Fest promises to be an unforgettable occasion starting at 10h00, with lots of competitions, activities, beer tent, food stands, live music, and all kinds of Dachshund paraphernalia. There will also be talks from veterinarians, the SPCA and a breed specialist from South Africa to raise awareness against cruelty to animals and the importance of sterilisation. 
While the Doxie Fest is going to be a hugely fun event, the organisers also aim to raise funds to set up a trust to assist with veterinarian expenses for owners who cannot afford medical care, and to help Dachshunds get the operations and treatment they need.

“Through the new trust, anyone who is a Dachshund parent unable to afford expensive vet expenses, will be able to apply for assistance, through a formal process, because an operation can be very costly,” explained Shola, who owns five Doxies herself.

“After my first boy became paralysed with back problems, I realised there was no social media platform, in Namibia, where I could discuss matters and ask for advice. In 2017, I started the “Dachshunds in Namibia” Facebook page, which already has over 700 active members,” she said, adding that there will also be regular updates on this page for the Doxie Fest. 
“This exclusive Dachshund platform is for people who are passionate about their dogs and share the same interest, to ask questions, make suggestions, post photos of their pooches, and much more,” she explained. “The page has brought together owners from across Namibia and even beyond our borders.

Please support this wonderful initiative and be part of all the fun activities the event has to offer, with all breeds welcome to join on the day. Should you wish to apply for a stall or make a donation please contact doxiefestnam@gmail.com for more information. 

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