• May 29th, 2020

First Kizomba Night sets crowd in awe


Pinehas Nakaziko Windhoek-It was a night of romance, rhythm and enjoyment when socialites flogged to the classy National Independence Memorial Museum (NIMMS) restaurant over the weekend to enjoy the ‘best of all’ Kizomba music during the Kizomba Special Night. More than a hundred partygoers danced to the music, which turned the entire event into a not-to-be-missed show. The event was all about promoting Kizomba music, putting it into the society, spreading the culture of Kizomba music, and letting people dance with their partners and enjoy the good music on offer. Apart from that, there were also other genres on offer, such as Zemba, House and a bit of Hip-Hop for those who could not get into the rhythm of the Kizomba genre. Abed Nashilongo, who turned up on time for the event, described the show as fruitful and a great way to enjoy the weekend. “Some of this event reminds us of the old days when the Kizomba music was well known, and by hosting such events, it’s the best way for one to relax and enjoy the weekend with good music after a long week,” Nashilongo says. Tomas Markus said these kinds of events are good for people to interact, connect and get to know one another. Apart from that, there was also a dance presentation from the Forever Dance Academy on how to dance Kizomba music. The event was well organised and the audience also got a chance to view the whole city from the top fourth floor of the museum. The event attracted people from almost every age group, including a large number of female and male revelers.
New Era Reporter
2017-09-11 09:38:29 | 2 years ago

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